#023- Engine DeGunking

Here you see Jordan sat near the Engine bay with a bottle of liquid called “Gunk”.  If some of you don’t know what Gunk is let me explain.  Gunk is a chemical which has been designed to clean and get rid of even the hardest of dirt on things, in my case its years worth of dirt which has probably built up since my vehicle started on the roads nearly 20 years ago.

Now this is the first time that I had used this,

First of all, we with a brush, cover the parts in which you want to clean.  Then wait a couple of minutes and use a high pressure water pipe to get rid of the dirt leaving a clean engine.  If this doesn’t work as well make are you do it twice.

Now this made my engine better than had ever been in a cleaner which with me showing the bus off at events, it may make an impression as I may want to show off the engine etc one day.