#017- Update on B10

After you guys have been waiting for an update for ages- I thought i’d do one.

Now this isn’t a recent update (coming soon) but it gives a guide to how I’m going with the bus, what has been done with the bus, what is going to be done with the bus.

One of the things I am planning to do is paint my dashboard. Which hasn’t exactly been a job of the mind until now as bright blue does not suit a bus dashboard.

Now in this video you do see me cleaning a lot-  and no I am not a cleaner of the year but I do like to keep my bus tidy whilst work is continuing.

On the Exterior of the bus the reg plate has been moved to the top of the bus,  the boost pump which you may have seen in a recent video which wasn’t successful by the way.      The Emergency Door doesn’t work, as the bolts have basically done.   Body panels are back on and the bus does a bit better and it is definitely getting better daily.