#015- Grease Monkey Fixes Roof Dome

So here Is a bit of a step by step guide in how (if you would preserve a bus) of how to Fix a roof Dome perfectly shown to us by our very own grease monkey Chris who is a trained mechanic.

  1. Clean the area- this should get rid of any tape, debris etc which has built up over the years.
  2. Drill out the old Rivets-  These held the dome together
  3. Clean again but definitely get rid of any moisture.
  4. What does a dome do?   Keeps Water Out but lets Air In.
  5. We then need to fit the dome-  Put the Inner Dome in first and rivet tightly in otherwise it will let Not just air but moisture or water also.
  6. Check this by pulling-  if it moves screw tighter.
  7. Fit the outer Dome- Just simple rivets.

This is your step by step guide in how to Fix a roof and make sure that no water gets in again.