#025- Fitting a Wayfarer 3 Ticket Machine

So as we all know, a bus whether in service or being preserved isn’t exactly correct without 1 crucial item-  a ticket machine.   So we did some research to what ticket machine was on my bus when it was new to Travel Dundee.  Our results found that it was a Wayfarer 3 Ticket Machine which was quite a common machine on all buses in the UK at that particular time.

Mancbuses were kindly donated a Wayfarer 3 Ticket Machine by one of our fans, who we are very grateful for.

So our first Job was to attempt to paint the original Panel Black,  this was a quick paint job.  Now I then fit this by a few screws made easy by a power drill.  Then I try to fit the machine holder which my machine will sit on to stop it damaging the panel.   Then we fit the machine which is self explanatory.

Then we wire the machine up which is made easy by just one wire being attached, the brown wire which in this case is the positive which holds 24 volts and the White wire which is the ground and has a negative currant.   You need to do some dodgy looking wiring to attach them together.

And now its alive and beeping.

We are however looking for a Module- if you have one or know someone who may be able to programme one-  Please message Admin@mancbuses.com and we’ll try and sort something out to post it.

We are also looking for Ticket Rolls which may say Travel Dundee on, If you have any of these or may know of a printer company who may do them for us, Please get in contact.

Well that is video number whatever out of God knows on the B10 but we are 1 step closer to getting the bus back into pristine condition in the original Travel Dundee Colours.


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