#012 – Fitting the Rear LED Destination Blind

In this video, I replace my Flip Dot blind with an LED one. This has a small back story to it and a mistake I would never make again.


When I first purchased the b10 it came with LED blinds however they were rather Dull So as we intended to use the vehicle for shows etc We decided to change them for Flip Dots as replacing it with a roller blind would have been a lot of work and very expensive. I was sold a Brand New Flip dot blind set in a swap for a DG3 and worn out LED blinds what on the sounds of it a good deal. However when I came to leave their shed My blinds hadn’t arrived and magically the ay before they had, I hadn’t seen the blinds until the day I went to pick the bus up to move it to Manchester and very much was mythed as it was clear they were the ones I had seen on the shelf weeks before. I then become even more mythed when I managed with Stefan to get the Flip Dot in place and powered it up to find part of the blind was not working correctly an even bigger letdown. This set me back then quite a bit and I was left to make the ends meet. finally, I managed to afford to put them back to LED however this was done in sections and the Rear was the first one I did.


Like many jobs, this was a fun one and rather easy minus a few tweaks that still need to be completed to make it all fit perfectly. In the most simple form, it is a case of just unplugging the old one removing the brackets fitting them to the new one then fitting it back to the bus. As Always it wasn’t that simple and they didn’t fit correctly. The standard bolts size for these is 13mm for the brackets to the bus and 10mm for the bolts to hold the sign to the bracket. Enjoy watching There will be an Update Video with the minor tweaks that are required to make the blind Level and Fit perfectly.