#009 – Leaky Roof Repair – Didn’t Work

As the rain was coming and the size of the puddles was rather large we decided we needed to do something to seal the roof even if it was only a little bit. Until Chris has a chance to get to the dome to seal it.

First of all, we needed to remove the body panels on the inside to be able to see the inside off roof and Heater dome. The Saloon heaters are way past it however with some magic even being submerged in water the heater on the near side of the Vehicle still works long as you unplug it before powering the bus on.

As normal in my early video’s I spend a lot of time digging around looking for my tools.

After we dismantled the inside panels it was time to move onto the roof and remove the roof dome to see what state it was in up there on the roof. Sadly I break my mic cable in the transition as this was before we had a ladder to hand.

We drill the rivets out that are holding the Dome in place to inspect the seal what was left of it. Turns out there was very little left of it and it wasn’t even worth looking at to save it. After this point, it was just a basic attempt to improve the water not getting into the bus in such large amounts. Since this was filmed Chris has resealed the roof dome and has done a short video on it. He plans on doing the other side and filming a full how-to explanation for everyone. But until then you have Me making a pig’s ear of it and Here is Him sealing it after me.

Chris Repairs the Roof