#022 – Gearbox Ecu – Can we fix It?

Well after tasking a job which was to cut any dead or unusable wires off the B10,  so he carried on and I got on to what work I needed to do.  Until I come back a week later and find out that my bus will not move,  so after spending hours looking Oliver, unknown to him had cut out the important wire which goes into the Gear Box ECU (aka an important part of the bus)

After taking basically the bus apart I check the voltage etc of all the fuses and come to the conclusion that it was just a fuse that he blown.   After all of it I change the fuse and after a long while my bus moves!!   So he was very lucky as otherwise he’d have to buy a HP 500 thing which is extremely expensive.

After all of this I fix a continuous issue which was the hazard lights and this small fix had changed it and fixed it.  And with the MOT coming up soon this little feature will help.

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