#016 – Fitting New Interior Lights

Here I am at the B10-  With my helper Connor from Town And District Bus Society who volunteered to help for the day.

First off I remove the Light Covers, easy enough with a screwdriver.  Then unscrew the old type strip lights which are rather expensive as they use up quite a lot of the battery’s power when they are illuminated. So the old strip lights are generally quite expensive starting from around £4 to £16 each so we fit some cheaper and a lot brighter LED lights which are considerably brighter, cost efficient and better for the battery as they use less power than conventional strip lights.

So these would be known as Retro Fit lights as they are LEDs.

Then the lights came with sticky type thing so I stuck the lights to the upper part of the bus whilst Connor fed them to me whilst walking up the bus.

A massive thanks to Connor who helped out on that day- Please Visit Town And District Preservation Societies website here;  https://www.tdtt.co.uk.    Where you can see their collection of buses which they have lovingly restored to their original State.

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