Farewell to the 168- Tribute

Well, Wills back and he wanted to do a Farewell to the 168 journeys as he used to drive them in a mixture of buses from Hyde Road depot a few years Ago. Before it was moved to Sharston Depot where it spent its last few years.

Will, when it used to operate out of Hyde road, drove it and then Oliver out of Sharston used to drive it.

Well the 168 runs between Chorlton and Ashton Under Lyne serving places like Fallowfield, Levenshulme, Longsight, Belle Vue, Gorton, Droylsden and TFGM (As it was a massively subsidised route) decided to withdraw it due to it not meeting demand or that it wasn’t making enough money to cover costs like Pay for Driver, Maintenance etc.

So It was withdrawn on the 27th of January after I don’t even know how many years its been running.


Other videos are available on Youtube with cab view or live stream view available.

So now the 168 is split into 3 sections-

The 150 bus which is a half hourly services between Hyde and The Trafford Centre which serves the Chorlton, Levenshulme, Belle Vue side of it.

Then the 7 which serves Gorton and Droylsden but if you wanted to go quickly to Ashton you can do so.

And the 230/231 which serves the Large Droylsden side of it.  Like Lumb Lane etc. But all services which go down into Clock House Avenue have been withdrawn and will probably not be replaced as Clock House isn’t a massively profitable part of the route with regards to Fuel etc.

We have seen several petitions and even a Manchester Evening news story about it where people need and use the route so frequently To go to places along the route which have now even split up due to the changes which have happened.

Whether you did use the 168 and have a view or have any general comments about this please do contact us via the youtube comments and we will answer your questions about future changes, sections of the route or just any general comments and the Mancbuses team will get back to you ASAP.

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