#013 – Replacing the Air Filter

Here we change the Engine Air Filter. The Air filter ensures that only air goes into the engine leaving all the rubbish like soil, oil partials etc are kept out of the engine.

We didn’t expect to have to do this, we did not check the air filter and couldn’t find any paperwork and when it was last done. So we decided we would take a sneak peek at the state of the filter and then instantly wished we hadn’t as we discovered what could only be describable as an oily garden inside the drum. So the filter was removed and our original plan was to clean and reinstall the air filter but on closer inspection, this starting looking at a job for the Bin and that’s where the air filter went. So next on the list was finding a replacement it was pointless looking at the old filter as there were no markings on it. It didn’t even say Volvo.  So I took the internet to try and find a replacement filter, I found a website called Swedish truck Parts despite the name they do quite a few parts for the Volvo buses and are only based up the road in Rochdale. For the B10 there are two versions depending on Body, Engine, and Version. So as we weren’t sure as we have no manuals or current part numbers on the old filter we contacted them and they were very helpful and check which one would fit our body according to our chassis number or Reg. Someone was shining on me as it comes out it was the cheaper one. That was ordered and paid for with massive help from Oliver who put up half of the funds for this repair total was about £50 after VAT etc.

Once ordered I went collected it and brought it back to the bus and the clean out started as I had to first clean the Drum out before putting the new filter in otherwise that would have just been pointless. There is a little drainage hole which Chris had told me about and told me to ensure that it was free of dirt, the problem was I could have planted a tree in there as it was fully clogged so this took a little of questionable use to get it/most of it all out the drum.

When I unpacked the filter I was a little thrown as it was different from the one that was fitted before and we had removed then it fitted better so we can only guess the one we took out was the incorrect one for the bus but still managed somehow to work but it may explain the build out of crud.

I do highly recommend Swedish Truck Parts. The video isn’t sponsored.


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