#008 – Fitting Air Horns

Fitting Air Horns

Well, those that know me very well and were able to see one of the car share videos before it had to be removed. Will know that me and Will both believe that on large vehicles such as buses and trucks they should be fitted with air horns as this grabs the attention of people.

I had made plans with Chris to fit air horns using the air system on the bus, We ran into a few issues when we began to plan and look at how we were going to wire this up and run the airlines to them. On the B10BLE there are no Air tanks at the front of the vehicle there all at the rear and to the middle, so we would have to take a feed from the brake system, Which as you can guess wouldn’t be too great of an idea. Next would be the AUX tank which feeds systems such as the Doors and kneeling system this tank doesn’t have an air gauge to take a feed from this tank we would have to run it from the middle of the vehicle to the front drilling holes etc so it would pass the MOT as you can’t just loop it under the body as this would open it up to failing the MOT but also catching on the ground and splitting which wouldn’t be a good day as this would render the vehicle dead until it repaired as the compressor wouldn’t be able to deal with the leak and regenerate the brake tanks.

The other option which is the way we went down was to fit its own tank and supply. As the old horn was on it way out we decided until we can get under the vehicle we would fit the same system then I had in my panda but the 24v version link to we have used is here it isn’t the largest but it still packs a punch and at some point we will look to fit something a bit bigger.

It was a simple job to remove the old horn and connections then replace it with the mini compressor and horn. and that was job done what took the most time was finding somewhere that fit the Horns itself.

I will also say Truckstuff.com was a great pleasure to order from it was very fast and there wasn’t an issue.


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