#007 – Wishy Washy = Fail (Cleaning the B10)

Finally after much waiting and being well needed the Bus got somewhat of a wash. It was not perfect by any means but it did manage to remove all the road dirt and dust from where we store it.

We did have a few issues from the start. We purchased an inverter which takes the 24v generated by the batteries and turns that into 240v and enables us to use Power tools etc however in the normal Ebay manner it was oversold, and was rated way more then it could hold so the Jetwash wasn’t able to be powered by the inverter which was a shame. Also, my ability to measure was another issue and I only purchased a 25-meter hose for about a 75-meter gap. oops. So we had to move the bus a lot closer to the tap. We have recently purchased a new inverter which should be much better.

Once moved the Engine gets a hosing down again not perfect as to do this Job properly it does require a Jet wash to force the dirt and grease off the engine to make the engine clean, We do this as it easy to see Rusting and other issues that may be under there like oil Leaks.

Next, I start to hose down the Bus as Stefan takes a mop of sorts to the bus to wipe all the dirt off. After all the work the inside and outside look a lot better ahead of time for the next event we will be attending.


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