#004 – Fixing the Radiator

Fixing the Radiator


Welcome, After many motorway hours and driving hours of the Bus moaning about the temperature and the gauge going off the end of the scale.

What was the issue?

The Temperature would climb in an uncontrolled manner.

To fix the issue it required us to remove the body panel, Swing the front radiator out and jet wash the two radiators from all the rubbish that was found inside it including leaves and baby wipes It had all been sucked up from the fan. The body panel was well rusted onto the vehicle we had to destroy the screws to remove them. They have two radiators one for the Water and one for Oil. It currently has standard bolts on it at the moment.

After we cleaned the radiator it is good news Now the bus struggles to get up to a temperature which is a good sign means the fan is getting the required airflow through the radiator to keep the bus cool.



The rest of that day was finding what another patch-up job had been done on the Vehicle including finding the Assault or Panic alarm. The reversing lights which are Buggered again. but it’s coming together slowly