#003 – Our First Main Look (B10)

After much waiting, I finally show you the Inside and around the B10 I have bought Since this video there has been much work on the Vehicle and many things have changed on the vehicle.


We will start with things that are wrong with the Vehicle and need addressing.


Kickdown – Not Working but Present

Reversing Lights – Present but Don’t work

Warning lights are snapped and broken – Being Repaired

The dashboard looks like it been in a fight with a Cat

Roof Leaks

Windows Leaks

Body Panel Damage

Radiator needs Cleaning

Air System needs Work

Some Seats need some Love

Destination blinds Need Fitting

Tires need air

Wheels need sanding

Poles require a lick of paint

Bus Needs Repainting

Legal Letter needs Removing – Been Removed now

New Cab door

New Cab Seat

Air Con needs reattaching

Saloon Heaters need repairing



Things that work on the Vehicle

Drive Train – Very Good

Starts First Time Every time


Main of the Work is General work with TLC everything can be repair and fixed

The Guy in the Yellow van I think is some sort of scrap man My tools are hidden and locked away Don’t trust the amount of attention that he pays to my vehicle.


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