090 – Directors Cut – Installing New wiper spindles

Hi Silver and Gold Members,

As promised I will be releasing a Directors cut video for all this style of video in the future so you should get Early Access to the finished video and the Directors Cut giving you a lot more for your money. 

To this job well what is there to say about it. Filmed in two very clear segments. Jordan got one of the old spindles off so Shaun could take it to Liverpool to Transwipe to have a new one made which they did on the spot as he waited, took them a while as they don’t really make this type anymore but it was done and Shuan was made £120 lighter in the wallet. They went on without issue it turned out to be the wiper arms that would be the issue as one of the idler spindles was seized into the arm. This took some effort and strange ways to get it off which we didn’t film as it took like two hours and Jordan lost his rag with it. Anyways enjoy the Finished product will be following soon. 


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