089 – First run on Whalley Service

Hi Gold Members,

This makes a change doesn’t it a video just for you! 

The 4th and 5th of September marked the first Massive event we have helped to host with Town and District Transport Trust. 

We ran our wonderful little dart 317 for service with the Chief Mechanic ( Shaun ) as the driver. Both days although very stressful ran very well. right until our last run on Sunday where the bus broke down running private back from Whalley. As what is becoming pretty standard the Alternator bolt snapped and with the movement of the Alternator the belt is unable to stay on so it throws the belt off. 

Shaun was driving as normal at the time of break down but he was very quick thinking and stopped straight away. The way the Cummins engine work and most others without a belt there is no Water pump, Cummins typically run hot to start with so even the short time at 45mph was enough to begin the boiling of the Antifreeze coolant inside the engine core. So when he stopped it began to boil over but again thanks to his very quick actions the engine although began to boil didn’t get hot enough to cause any damage. 

With the help of Thunderbird 1, Jordan with Scott went to the rescue of Shaun at the side of the road. This is something that brings something to our thoughts, at least to Scott wow is looking to equip his car with Amber strobes as we were on a 40mph section being visible and warning people is a massive part of a breakdown. A van would be great but that’s more expense. 

Sadly with the mayhem of the event, we were only able to get this one video. We would have loved others but hay ho that’s what happens. There will be videos of the repair and aftermath of the running weekend. 

We as normal would like to thank you for your support it means a lot!!!!

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