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Helping the community

We are always open to helping others with their buses and ticket machines where we possible can


Creating content to educate and inform others in Bus Preservation and those who are new to the bus industry


We are always on the lookout and welcome tool donations no matter how small or pointless you think they may be. If you don’t want we will.

Pure Feelings

We show the true side of owning and running a bus its raw and fresh

Love & Care

Building a friendly and helpful community

Travel Activities

Running Free days out and services at shows and the community for example Christmas Day Running

The Main Project

This is a 1998 Dennis Dart SLF model that operated with Rossendale travel from the new until the day they scrapped it for an unknown reason. Somehow it was saved from the scrap yard and in 2013 ended up on an airfield as a shuttle so a new V5 was never applied for. in around 2021 it was seen on Facebook for sale and Mancbuses with help of the members bought the vehicle for £800 as the last ever SLF dart that exists from Rossendale Travel. Once bought the fun began convincing the DVLA that the vehicle was not scrapped and did exist. In 2022 the vehicle went for an MOT which it passed with flying colours for a vehicle of its age. Follow the story as it develops.

Getting ready for shows

Hi everyone, As we get closer to the Newton-le-willows town show the rush has been on and we have not been able to do any posts on the progress to the bus. It has been a rather interesting time after months of it not running due to the injector job going a little south and…

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Well, the day came after around 8 years of not having an MOT. Mancbuses finally after many false starts got it to the MOT testing station. We use Martin’s MOT Test Center which is in Middlewich. We used these for the Volvo B10 about 3 years ago and the tester remembered us even though we…

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Preparing for MOT

An MOT is very important however as many forget it is only valid really to say your vehicle passes the minimum requirements to be on the road at that second it is on a ramp or over the pit. It still falls upon the owner to maintain it to that standard and then there is…

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Tyre Swap from 314 to 317

Hi Everyone. This week’s early access video is the first where people will start asking questions as 3350/D4 isn’t truly out there yet. The reason we are swapping tyres is there is a new Law out for tyres that are on the front axle, on a bus/coach the front axle tyres have to be 10years…

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White washing the roof – Dennis Dart

The repaint has begun with the roof in this video Callum and Kain sand the roof then followed by other Callum and Kain painting the roof. What more can I say about this…   We are sorry this Early access is late. Jordan is slightly behind with the video editing but on the other foot…

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Nude Dart

    Hi Everyone. This week we take a look at the wonderful Dart and we make her nude in the end stripping all of the nearside panels off and we have not finished taking all the bits we need to off her yet. I spent the day sanding the panels and then at…

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How to change a top plate

Well with a small change to the schedule the Welding video has been released and this video which is a far better video has taken its place. Release Date – 21st April 2021

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We hit a brick wall

Hi everyone. As Covid-19 begins to take shape on us and the restrictions become a pain with no rallies on. Lots of places closed and not willing to help. The biggest issue we currently are facing is the DVLA who seem to be confused about the dart S114KRN the system online shows the dart…

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How we are changing the normal


We try to support the community by providing free transport at community events where possible which are funded by our Members, Patreons, Volunteers, Directors and Donations.


We are providing where possible instructional videos and walking through the ways we are doing the different jobs. We are learning sometimes the same as you watching.

Our Volunteers

Our main Team