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What is MancBuses

We are a Preservation company that focuses on the preservation of Manchester Buses or those that operated within Greater Manchester.

We started back in 2018 with a Volvo B10BLE which was a lovely bus but ironically was not a Manchester bus and spent its life working for National Express in Dundee which is now Explore Dundee. This vehicle was sold after much work was done to it at which point as we dug deeper it became more and more stupid to carry on sinking money into the project.

We then bought a 1998 Dennis Dart SLF. This was a Manchester bus and spent its life running around the streets of Rossendale. This bus was purchased with a look of a quick turn around and Although it drove it was riddled with issues when we got it back to the shed we were based in.

Finally, we bought a 1992 Wrightbus Dart which again couldn't have operated further from Manchester if it tried. It was a London bound vehicle. This was a quick and easy vehicle to get an MOT on as it was pretty much finished. However due to external circumstances that we had no way to account for or control over we had to walk away from this vehicle.

So where are we now then? We are left with a cracking 1998 Dennis Dart which we are working extremely hard to get this fine example of an SLF Dart on the road after spending over 10 years we believe off the road. It's not been easy.

At one point we offered our services to several owners that had a wide selection of vehicles which you can also see here.

Our end goal

We are working towards being able to have a workshop. Then moving towards a building to store the vehicles in and offer these services to others.

We currently accept donations to help our projects and enable us to travel further to experience other vehicles and take you for the ride where we can. Most of our funding comes from our own pockets but also from our Brilliant members that support us and what we do. We really wouldn't be where we are today without them.


New episode every month on the 1st

Rossendale Transport Dennis Dart S114KRN “Delila The Dart”

  • MOT Day

    Well, the day came after around 8 years of not having an MOT. Mancbuses finally after many false starts got it to the MOT testing station. We use Martin’s MOT Test Center which is in Middlewich. We used these for the Volvo B10 about 3 years ago and the tester

  • Preparing for MOT

    An MOT is very important however as many forget it is only valid really to say your vehicle passes the minimum requirements to be on the road at that second it is on a ramp or over the pit. It still falls upon the owner to maintain it to that standard and then there is us.

  • Tyre Swap from 314 to 317

    Hi Everyone. This week’s early access video is the first where people will start asking questions as 3350/D4 isn’t truly out there yet. The reason we are swapping tyres is there is a new Law out for tyres that are on the front axle, on a bus/coach the front axle

  • White washing the roof – Dennis Dart

    The repaint has begun with the roof in this video Callum and Kain sand the roof then followed by other Callum and Kain painting the roof. What more can I say about this…   We are sorry this Early access is late. Jordan is slightly behind with the video editing

  • Nude Dart

        Hi Everyone. This week we take a look at the wonderful Dart and we make her nude in the end stripping all of the nearside panels off and we have not finished taking all the bits we need to off her yet. I spent the day sanding the

  • How to change a top plate

    Well with a small change to the schedule the Welding video has been released and this video which is a far better video has taken its place. Release Date – 21st April 2021

  • Can’t Test Something That’s Not There – Dennis Dart 314

    Hi Everyone, As the brilliant Dennis Dart moves closer to being MOT Ready the smaller jobs which are proving to be a bigger pain in the bottom are showing there light. This job has been a long time in testing and trying to find out what was going on. There

  • Demister Abuse – Dennis Dart 314

    Demister Abuse – Dennis Dart 314 Hello Everyone, Our Dennis dart is in need of a new front radiator and blower unit for the demisters. It is pretty much the last thing that is needed for MOT. This was slightly harder than thought and took a lot more effort to remove.

  • New Demister radiator! Will It Fit It? – Dennis Dart 314

    Welcome to this Early access post. After the demister fan unit was found to be blown and set its self on fire and the second fact that on the day of picking 314 up there was a water leak from the front radiator that provides heat to the driver and

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